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We have partnered with Charity Golf International to provide a professional long drive specialist at your golf tournament to raise even more for your fundraiser at no cost!

  • We will arrange for a professional long-drive specialist to appear at your golf tournament at no cost.

  • Each long-drive pro is also a professional fundraiser and they will stay on one hole during the entire tournament in order to interact with every team.

  • The long-drive pro will perform for each team (400 Yard Drives!) and also raise money for your cause in a variety of ways.

  • Each team will be given the opportunity to purchase a chance for a hole-in-one from around 120 yards out to win a Pebble Beach golf vacation package valued over $5,000.

  • Your tournament receives a 50/50 split of the proceeds which could equate to thousands more raised at your event.

Long Drive Pro
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