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How to set your home currency in Eventgroove Fundraising

Any campaign run on Eventgroove Fundraising can accept donations in 135+ currencies. Setting a “home currency” to use as the primary currency on your account will allow you to avoid exchange and foreign transaction fees on donations.

This help article explains how to set your organization’s currency and details how it is used in your fundraisers.


How to set your primary currency

There are two things to know about setting your organization’s primary currency: 

  • You’ll need to register your organization to access the necessary account settings before you can set a primary currency.

  • Non-USD customers must set up direct funding to process credit card donations. This step is required for running any fundraiser using a non-USD currency.


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to funding in the left menu.

  2. Select your currency from the drop down menu under the choose your primary currency heading.

Good to know:

  • All of your fundraisers will use your organization’s primary currency by default, but you can still change the currency used by each fundraiser when you set it up.


How your primary currency is used


Here’s what will happen when you set your fundraiser’s primary currency:


1. All amounts on your fundraiser will display in your primary currency ($, €, £, etc.). This includes both the amount raised shown on your fundraiser and the amounts shown during your donors’ checkout process.


2. Donors’ credit cards will be charged in the primary currency you’ve set for your campaign. Donors can still donate to your fundraiser in any of 135+ different currencies via credit card, but cardholders whose currency is different from your primary currency may be subject to foreign transaction fees. 


3. The funds raised on your campaign will be transferred to your bank in your primary currency. To avoid exchange fees and ensure your Stripe fees are calculated correctly, make sure you have at least one bank account linked to Stripe that uses the same currency as your primary currency. For example, if your primary currency is Euros, you’ll want a Euro bank account linked in Stripe. 

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