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Promote your campaign with text-to-give

Text-to-give is a great way to direct donors to your fundraising page. Use it at live events, on printed materials, and in other places where a receiving a link to quickly access your fundraising page would be useful.


Just select a unique keyword for your campaign and let donors know what it is. They’ll text that keyword to our number, then receive a text back with a link to your campaign. They can then make a donation or purchase right from their phone in seconds.


Use Cases


Text-to-give is ideal for:

  • Dinners and galas: Provide attendees a keyword they can text to purchase items, bid on auction items, and make donations.

  • Marketing materials: Display a text-to-give keyword on your printed marketing materials.

  • Radio and TV: Promote your keyword in radio and TV spots, podcasts, and in other media.


Text-to-give is a useful feature for any type of fundraiser, so don’t feel limited by the examples above!

How it works


  1. Create a unique keyword for your campaign (like ‘GIVE2018’).

  2. Share this keyword along with the phone number provided 

  3. Donors text the keyword to the number provided and receive a link to complete their donation.


How to use it


Text-to-give is available now for all campaigns and is simple to implement. 

When you’re setting up your next campaign, look for this card in the donations section of campaign setup.


How to get started:

  1. On the second page of campaign setup (the title will be the campaign type), scroll down to the text-to-give card. 

  2. Click the checkbox to turn on text-to-give.

  3. Enter your desired KEYWORD. This is the keyword that donors will text to the phone number provided.

  4. Click CHECK AVAILABILITY to see if your keyword is available. If it’s already in use, consider adding numbers or finding an alternate word to formulate a keyword that’s unique to your campaign.

  5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.


You’re now ready to start using text-to-give with your chosen keyword on your campaign! Just text your KEYWORD to the phone number provided after validating your keyword. 


Questions? Chat with us and we’ll be happy to help 

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